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At Moz, you can seamlessly order orchid plants online in Dubai. We have a wide selection of orchid varieties. Handpicked and expertly arranged by our skilled florists. Want to add a touch of luxury to home decor or impress guests at a special event. 

Moz - the best place to buy orchids plants online in Dubai

Our Collection of Orchid Plant Delivery, Dubai

At Moz, we have a diverse array of flower orchid plants at the best price. 

Swan Orchids Plant

Features mini white Phalanopsis Orchids combined with wood barks. Planted in a ceramic pot shaped like a swan for grace and charm. Ideal for small spaces, Swan | Mini Orchids Plant does not take up much room. Easy to care for and can last for months with proper watering and lighting. 

Ella Orchids Plant

Brighten up any space with its delicate and elegant blooms. Ella | Mini Orchids Plant comes in a white ceramic pot that complements its natural beauty. Enhance your home or office décor with miniature orchids that exude timeless charm.

Liberty Orchid Plant

Liberty | Pink & Peach Orchid Plant features a harmonious blend of pink and peach blooms. Order orchid plants online to add a touch of romance and sophistication to any space - ideal for both home decor and special occasions. Its vibrant hues and graceful appearance create a captivating display that impresses.

Sunshine Orchid Plant

Brighten up your space with the vibrant allure of the Sunshine Yellow Orchid Plant. Exudes warmth and positivity with stunning yellow blooms that radiate with the brightness of the sun. Easy to care for and low-maintenance. 

Heart Orchids Plant 

Crafted to capture the essence of heartfelt emotions. Heart | Orchids Plant Arrangement leaves a lasting impression and symbolizes love, affection, and admiration. Carefully arranged to form a heart-shaped display. A perfect choice for expressing your deepest sentiments.

Sunshine 2.0 Orchid Plant

Upgraded version of our beloved Sunshine 2.0 | Yellow Orchid Plant. Features vibrant yellow blooms that offer all the vibrant allure of its predecessor. Each flower is carefully selected for its rich color and graceful form. Purchase orchid plants online to create a visually striking display that uplifts the mood of any room.

Fresh Orchid Plants For Sale Decoration Ideas

At Moz Flowers, we offer a wide range of fresh orchid plants for sale in Dubai. Discover creative decoration ideas to infuse your space with charm and vibrancy.

Table Centerpieces 

Arrange orchid plants in elegant pots or vases to create stunning table centerpieces for weddings, parties, or special events.

Window Sills 

Place orchid plants on window sills to add a touch of natural beauty and color to your home while allowing them to benefit from indirect sunlight.

Shelf Displays 

Display orchid plants on shelves or bookcases to create eye-catching vertical gardens and bring life to your living spaces.

Hanging Plant 

Utilize hanging planters to showcase orchid plants, adding visual interest to any room and making use of vertical space.

Office Desks 

Brighten up your workspace by placing white orchid plants on tabletops, adding a refreshing touch to the environment.

Entryway Accents 

Purchase orchid plants online to welcome guests into your home. Place near entryways for a stylish and inviting touch.

Gift Giving 

Share the beauty of orchid plants with friends and loved ones by giving them thoughtful and memorable gifts for any occasion.

Bathroom Decor 

Enhance the ambiance of your bathroom with orchid plants, as they thrive in the humid conditions.

Same-Day Fresh Flower Orchid Plant Delivery, Dubai

Experience the unparalleled convenience of same-day fresh flower orchid plant delivery in Dubai with Moz Flowers. We handle every order with care throughout transit.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, surprising a loved one, or simply adding a touch of natural beauty to your home, our fast delivery ensures your blooms arrive promptly and in pristine condition. 



Are flower orchid plant suitable for indoor settings?

Yes. Orchid plants are well suited for indoor environments with bright but indirect light. However, certain species of orchid can thrive in outdoor settings as well with appropriate care.

Are these orchid plants locally sourced?

We work with trusted suppliers to provide high-quality orchid plants sourced from Holland. Each plant undergoes careful inspection and care before being offered for sale on our platform.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

At MozFlowers, your satisfaction is our priority. Being known as the best place to buy orchids online in Dubai, we strive to provide high-quality orchid plants. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

How often should I water my orchid plant?

Orchids generally prefer to dry out slightly between waterings. Depending on factors such as humidity and potting medium, you may need to water them once every 1-2 weeks.

Can I choose the color of orchid flower delivery?

Yes. MozFlowers offer a variety of plants orchid flower delivery in different hues and patterns. This allows you to choose the desired color of the orchid flower as per the availability.