• About us

    Moz bloomed in 2014, bringing you the best and highest quality flowers and creations. At Moz, we pride ourselves in offering out best and utmost level of services. We have been the go to flower shop in Dubai, bringing an added smile to all your blissful moments.

  • Our flower journey starts from the freshest sources in Holland.The flowers are carefully selected depending on the season and freshness, Once arrived in Dubai, we take pride in creating the spectacular floral designs wrapped with joy for all your happy moments.

    Whether it’s a Birthday, “Welcome home” or a “Get well soon” flower arrangement, Moz is just a click away to send the perfect compliment for every occasion.

    “Have a Blooming Day Everyday”

Bespoke Flower Arrangements & Designs

At Moz, we understand that simply choosing a variety of beautiful flowers and preserving their beauty and scent is not enough. To bring the most beautiful flower arrangements to our customers unfailingly, we take careful and painstaking arrangements to make sure each flower piece, each bouquet, is handed to you in absolute perfection. For this reason, our in-house florist in Dubai continues to work hard to master the art of flower arrangements. We want to be able to bring to life any vision or concept you have in mind – from stunning floral arches for a wedding to a lovely bouquet of the freshest blooms for your loved one.